email marketing vs.

direct mail marketing

What is the best way to reach customers? Email or direct mail? This is a constant discussion we have with new prospects and existing clients alike. In our opinion, email is a far more effective way to gather leads and lock in sales. Here are some reasons why email marketing is a great option for your business.


1) Cost and Time Effective – Email is cheap and in most cases free with options like Chimp Mail. If you want to reach a large number of people, this is a fast and cost effective option. Not only are you able to reach your audience quickly, but they can also reply within minutes; compared to days or weeks with traditional snail mail.


2) Email is a great way to get quick insight from your clients. People love to share their opinion and in the marketing world email is a great way to ask your audience what they want and get quick answers!


3) Email is trackable. Unlike snail mail, with email you can analyze information such as open rate, clicked links and conversation details. This can be extremely helpful as you grow your business in order to see what is really working to engage your audience.


As with everything, there can be some down side to email. Gathering good lists can be hard and the environment can be overwhelming with spam flow. Emails also need to be relatively short which can limit creativity. When starting off don’t be afraid to use both email and direct mail at the same time to see what works best for your business.


Here are some questions to ask yourself when considering what is best: Is your communication time-sensitive? Are you working with a budget? How much information do your prospects require? Do you already have a good mail list for one method or both? Have you asked your current customers to join your email list? Are your customers online?


If you are considering a direct mail campaign, or doing email marketing, we would be more than happy to go over the pros/cons (relative to your business) with you in person.

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