Reviews- power of the people

How often have you had a craving for pizza, so you looked up a place online and were drawn in by the fancy website, alluring words, and photos... You were promised a pizza that matched the images online... fresh, oozing with the finest cheeses, and a sauce with the perfect balance of sweet and salty with an herbaceous finish. So you get in your car and drive there only to discover that it wasn’t what you thought it was.


Anyone can market their brand and make their product look amazing, but how does a person really know where to go? Let’s dive into a very popular approach… customer reviews.


Why are reviews important?



Now more than ever, customers are turning to online reviews for validation before making decisions, whether it’s where they want to go or what they want to invest their time or money in. Typically written reviews act as free word of mouth marketing where the potential consumer thinks, “If they had a good experience, I probably will too” or “If they had a bad experience, I probably will too.” For these reasons, it is important to keep an eye on the reviews that may be coming through about your business.


Common review sites:


2.    Yelp

3.    Facebook

4.    Google

5.    TripAdvisor

6.    Foursquare

7.    Yellow Pages


All of these sites should be monitored in attempts to manage your business’s reputation. A survey found that a total of 86% of consumers of all ages read reviews for local businesses. To break it down a little further, 80% of 18-34-year-olds have written a review, and 91% of 18-34-year-olds trust in the online reviews to make their decisions.


The people in these age brackets are the most likely to be making big purchases and decisions, more likely to be repeat customers in different areas, and more likely to spread the word to their friends who are in the same boat. Therefore, having their trust is very important.


It’s Not Always Unicorns and Rainbows



Sometimes bad reviews can tarnish the relationship of trust with your target audience. While businesses appreciate the good reviews, they also need to prepare themselves for the negative ones too. In the same mentioned above, bad reviews can drive away 40% of customers who checked out a business online. Without proper management and handling of these poor reviews, it can really hurt a business. Don’t let that business be yours.


Don’t Panic! There is a Way to Handle This



We get it, you can’t please everyone all of the time. So, what should a company do when they get a bad review? Simple... Respond to it! It gives the opportunity for the company to redeem itself. For example, say someone complains publicly about your business. The company can respond to the review, explaining what happened truthfully and the consumer’s trust in your business can start to be rebuilt. This way, the upset customer will know that there was a disturbance to the normally well- functioning process, and your prospective clients can see your transparency. More importantly, they can see that you care enough to reach back out. Review Trackers states that 53% of customers think a response within one week of a review is appropriate, however, 63% say that they have never heard back. So, be that company that stands out! Offer your customers what other companies are not.


Don’t Stop There



No matter the review- good or bad, be sure to try and respond to all of them. It is very important when working on customer relationships to show gratitude when they compliment your business. With that being said, you can also encourage your customers to write good reviews in person or online. Two great spots for encouragement is when they receive their confirmation email or in-person when they are in your store at their end of purchase. If you know they are happy with your product and they tell you, ask them to spread the word! It doesn’t need to be anything too formal, just a simple, “Thank you so much! Please tell your friends or leave a review online!”


Wrapping it Up



If you’re in the business of any sort and you have customers, most likely they will end up reviewing your products and services. Be sure to check in on the popular sites to manage your reviews by responding to positive reviews with gratitude and the negative ones by trying your best to make things right. Contact us for some of our preferred methods and suggestions on how to manage large quantities of reviews. Never forget that your customers are the ones who make your business thrive and if you didn’t have them, you wouldn’t have anyone to sell your products and services to.



Happy customer = happy company.

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