10 Reasons Why Your Business Should Use IGTV


There is a newer social media marketing tool that has become an emerging platform in the business realm... Instagram TV (also known as IGTV) launched in June of 2018. You may be surprised as there is potential for it to be one of the best ways to market your business. Below we've listed 10 reasons why you should consider adding IGTV to your social media marketing plan.





1. Instagram is right behind Facebook when it comes to the best platforms for posting video content. In 2018, Instagram reached users. This just goes to show how popular a platform it is.


2. Video viewing accounts for 80% of all consumer internet traffic. Around 92% of all mobile viewers share video content with their friends and about 90% of consumers say that videos are the most helpful when deciding on an investment (with 64% for a customer to buy after viewing a video).


3. IGTV allows for longer recorded videos than the regular Instagram App. Now, it’s possible to record anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour dependent on the account type. This is projected to grow as well. This allows the user to tell a story about the products and/or services such as the ability to post a series of videos, tutorials, commercials, host Q & A shows with customers, feature success stories from customers, and release exclusive content.


4. All the things aforementioned above can be done for free! 




5. It’s easy to use. The process in which getting a channel for IGTV is very intuitive and takes just a few minutes to do. Anyone with an existing Instagram page can do this through a current Instagram account, or by downloading the free IGTV app.


6. IGTV offers full-screen vertical video recording. This makes it easy for users who want to record right off their mobile devices. This is a great feature and is only offered in this special format by Instagram TV


7. The videos are viewable on mobile devices. The consumers get an outstanding experience, offering the audience a precise picture quality. This is important because as of 2018, over half of all website traffic comes from people using their phones to access the internet.


8. Consumers prefer native videos versus linked videos from YouTube when visiting a site. The interaction rate for native videos is 109.67%  higher than videos uploaded from YouTube. Customers desire to stay on the original page when they click on a link


9. All of the consumers that are already following an Instagram account will automatically be able to view and follow the videos on an IGTV account. This is a great way for improved and more in-depth interaction with current and future loyal followers and customers.


10. Instagram allows users to post their IGTV videos on their story page. So, not only can businesses market their videos through their IGTV account, they can double share it, ensuring that it’s not getting missed.


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Just like Instagram is evolving with the demands of the latest technology and consumer interests, it’s important for business owners to evolve as well. Luckily, IGTV is projected to be very successful, costs nothing, and is easy to navigate. The prolific types of content that can be shared can enhance engagement with your target audience in so many ways.


The new age of video marketing has arrived.




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