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Conversational Commerce

Let’s start by defining what conversational commerce is. Conversational commerce, #convcomm, involves users interacting with businesses through media and chat apps like Facebook Messenger, WeChat and Talk. It is a term coined by Chris Messina the man behind Uber and he has publicly announced that 2016 will be the year where conversational commerce will come of age.


So how does it work? Conversational commerce combines commerce (an interchange of goods or services) and customer service. No more browsing and searching but be able to get your order done during a conversation. “Smart cards” are used and inserted into the conversation to help you complete the order and the payment process.


The idea behind #convcomm is that most users now spend a large amount of their time sending messages via chat apps and on social media. In 2015, the number of users on messaging apps had surpassed those of social media networks. Why not integrate businesses into these apps? Uber and Lyft have now integrated with Facebook Messenger and SnapChat is expected to be the next app allowing businesses to unite with the messaging platform. This allows users to save time by no longer needing to switch apps, search services and enter payment details over and over again. Millennials are attached to their devices and conversational commerce brings the shopping experience where they’re already spending most of their time: messaging and social media apps.


What does this mean if you own a business? Get ready to have conversations with your customers. #Convcomm allows an opportunity for businesses to provide convenience and build relationships with their customers!

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