Simply put, YES!


I am not naive to the fact that much of our written communication these days takes the form of emojis, abbreviated words and sentences, LOLs and hashtags. Actually, we communicate through written text more today than ever before thanks to technology. We spend the vast majority of our day-to-day lives emailing, texting, blogging and on social media.


So why do grammar and punctuation still matter? Poorly written materials riddled with bad spelling and punctuation can make the author come across as careless and lazy, which can be off putting to current and potential new clients. It undermines your credibility and professionalism.


Not only does it make you appear less professional but it also impacts your brand. When you write content, it is a direct reflection of you and your company/brand. Once you put something out there in the digital sphere, it’s there forever. Grammar and punctuation mistakes may make people question the accuracy of the content and, therefore, your work.


Proper grammar and punctuation help with the clarity of your message–the better the grammar, the clearer the message. Therefore, it will be more likely that the message’s intent and meaning will be better understood by your target audience.


I’ll admit, with a background in journalism, I might be a little more sensitive to grammatical mistakes than the average bear. With that said, if I’m reading something and stumble upon a spelling or grammar error, I immediately render that material non-credible. It makes me cringe and I want to fix it. These days, proofreading seems to be highly underrated but it is the easiest, fastest and most effective way to avoid mistakes. Reread your work or have someone with a fresh pair of eyes take a look at it for you. It will only take a few minutes and will save you the embarrassment of producing sloppy work.


At least for now, being scrupulous in your writing reflects well on you as a professional and as an individual. And it may help set you apart from the competition.


If you’re not sold, take grandma’s word for it–punctuation (and grammar) saves lives!


– Amber Gust, Digital Marketing Consultant, Social Boom

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