squatty potty:

get a crap ton of hits on social media!

Are your social media campaigns trending in the right direction? Can you get 10 million views in two months?? Squatty Potty did!!


Hats off to the creative geniuses behind the marketing of Squatty Potty! I mean really, while you may never want to eat ice cream ever again, it’s a small price to pay for healthy and consistent bowel movements, right? Sometimes the campaigns that take off are borderline brilliant and disgusting all at the same time. Since launching this viral sensation it took only two months to get 10 million views, fast forward to three months later and it’s at almost 20 million views and has become one of Amazon’s #1 Best Sellers in the Potty training category. Ain’t that some shi*!?


It’s a challenge to market something that makes people feel awkward or uncomfortable so how do you remedy the awkwardness? By adding more awkwardness! The company approached it’s audience in a comical way and eased the tension on a topic that’s not so copacetic and BOOM, success!


To quote Squatty Potty Marketers: “The modern day toilet is convenient, but has one major fault; it requires us to sit. While sitting to do our business may be considered “civilized”, studies show the natural squat position improves our ability to eliminate.


Hey, it’s basic anatomy, who are we to disagree?


So again, kudos to the creative geniuses at Squatty Potty for making undeniably one of the most brilliant social media marketing campaigns of all time.



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