Twitter is Not dead

Twitter is alive and well in the eyes of users all over the world. A constantly updating machine, with real-time information about businesses, pop culture, and world trends, it should definitely be on your list of top social media forums to have and use. Creating a Twitter profile for your business and advertising on the site allows you to connect with potential consumers in a very personable way.

A big trend on Twitter is the growing amount of video that has been produced, distributed, and consumed by Twitter users. Video views on the site have skyrocketed to about 220 times more views on video-focused content since last year. Engagement by users in the form of tweets with video content being liked and/or retweeted is up as well.


Video content is expected to grow in terms of the volume produced but shorten in the overall length. Videos give the power to the user so that they can create and share media through mobile devices and different platforms quickly and effortlessly. Video-focused content truly lets your company’s mission be showcased effectively and in a way that gets the consumer involved.


Types of videos that are expected to take over the Twitter and social media scene in the upcoming year:


Native: Anyone can produce, edit, and distribute an original video to share it at any time. This could be a way to showcase something specific about your business to viewers.


Live Streaming (with Periscope in regards to Twitter): Real-time recording of an event or promotion as it happens from the first-person perspective is shared with the public through video content. This can be a novelty because it can be shown once, but you can decide to keep it around after video recording has ended.


GIFs: Give a snippet of an idea related to your brand and can be translated across many platforms.

Twitter will be the social media forum to watch and could help your business grow in terms of getting your brand name out there, actively communicating to your audience, and getting your content flowing through new video content.

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